Authorisation and License for Health Personnel
The Norwegian Directorate of Health is responsible for granting authorisation required for all categories of professions within the legally regulated health sector.

Authorisation represents a full and permanent approval, while licenses impose one or more limitations with respect to duration, independent or supervised practice/training etc.

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About language reguirements

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Requirements for applicants in health sector

These regulations regards Medical Practitioner, General Nurse, Dentist,  Pharmacist and Prescriptionist  with an education from outside the EU/EEA.


Step 1: Applicants who have received their education as equivalent to equivalent Norwegian education or are considered competent will receive a confirmation that they can proceed to step 2.

Step 2: You must document having completed and passed additional requirements:

Language requirements: Level B2. Written test NOK. 2 390,-. Oral test NOK 1 030,-.

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• Courses in national subjects: NOK 13 100,-.


Course in national subjects consists of the following subjects
• The construction and organization of health services
• Health and social justice
• Cultural understanding
• National focus areas

The course is organized two times a year, spring and autumn at several places in Norway. Duration is 10 weeks.